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Friday, May 7, 2010 @ 10:57 PM
So So Sooorryyyyyyy~

Sorrie Peeps xD
Didn't post for quite a while.
I've got really reaallllyyy good news!~
I didn't get last in class agn (:
I improved 10 positions up!!
Now: 25/35.
Previous: 35/35. <-- Teruknya.
haha hehe.
blogging is gettin a little boring now.
Damn lazzyyy to blog now. xP
I'm just crappin' right now.
Feel free to NOT read.
I'm going to HK Disneyland too!~
Damn excited xD

Out and Abouts.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 @ 12:33 AM

Went to Charity's Partayhh on the 17th! (:
Damn Fun ;DD
Hanged out with Ben alot. xD
He still looks the saaaameeeee...
Everyone thought he was like my BF.
Not trueee..!
I think it's coz we were hanging out together alot.
the flour + water fight was awesomeee! xP

went out lunch with my parent's friends (:
ate 'DIM SUM' :D
after lunch went to The Curve.
Bought a bracelet and skinny jeans!

UPSR trial examm..
I know, I know.
Damn friggin early.
selina didn't come to school.
kesian lar tu woman. xD


Had a haicut (:
it looks really nice and better than my old hair. xD
Boring -.-
trial exam again..
Out and About,
Sheryl :]

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 @ 6:38 AM

heylo,i'm back (:
sorry didn't post for quite a while.
busy-busy-busy :/
anyways,I found out my position in class.
argh. urgh. ):
but, my parent's say it doesn't matter what number I got in class,
it's how hard I tried and they don't care how much others got.
I didn't enjoy being last.
But, I mean, someone has to be right?
Well, I guess it's me..
Heck, neverminds.
I'll try harder.
and I really mean it.
this yr studies isn't very good for me. ):
I'm gonna miss mom.
and my cellphone.
mom took my cellphone when she went to Thailand.
But, i'm not in trouble. xD
ohh, gotta go.
Out and About,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 11:06 PM
Burfdays xD

going to be a really quick post.

yesterday was Firman's bday.
I gave him the birthday card.
and he wanted to hug mee xD
was so scared.
I closed my eyes. -.-'
then we walkked to the other side,
so it was less nosier.
he wanted to hug me.
and when he was bout to put his hands round me,
I freaked.
like real badly xD
I was like
and he was like "something wrong"
and I was like "I'm not readyy."
felt sorry for him. :/

stupid boy.
didnt come to school yesterday.
so had to celebrate his today.
belated surprise partayh.
Gayathrie brought a cake to skul.
so cute. xD
she baked it with her sista.
the MnMs were a little gross.
it was like soft?
we put candles.
none of us knew how to light it.
so, Mell did it.
closed V's eyes and yelled SURPRISE after he opened his eyes (:
V was suppose to hug his gf, Poh Yee xD
both of them were so shy.
I made a deal with Poh Yee.
she has to hug him latahh.
at kokorikulum time. x)
can't wait.
i'm going to...
"capture the moment" xD LoL
bringing my phone.
going to post it in my blog and FB xD
let the evil-ness begin.
going to take lotsa pics.
V's birthday was so awesome.
Poh Yee even gave him a couple keyring.
so sweeeeet.
cant wait for later.
logging off.

Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 3:10 AM
Hello Planet. (:

i'm back posting in my blog again!~
my exam is terrible!!
I only got 2A's 1D and the rest are all B's...
I hate exams so much.
I dunno what to sayy.
well, sport's day is coming up.
I finally get to pass high jump :D
at least, I did something..
first class is starting to get scary to me.

alot of people get A's especially Maths.
I hate Maths.
the highest in my class is 99%
I got a B -.-'

Everone is very friendly.
except some of the Malay girls.
they're usally bitchy as usual.

at least there was a good for the bad :/
I didn't know what that meant.
Oh Well xD
signing off, (:
Sherylngszeying (:

Thursday, March 18, 2010 @ 10:19 PM

am going to watch ALICE IN WONDERLAND latahh!
so damn friggin' happy.
whats more I can totally skip tuition class!!
*Claps Hands For Me*
I really dont know what to say xD
seriously =/
k, byes.

@ 9:39 PM
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